Badminton Manitoba & The Winnipeg Foundation Present:
Play 4 Fun, Play 2 Win, Play 4 Life

What You’re Supporting

If you could imagine an environment where socioeconomic status or geography ARE NOT limiting factors to participation in sport, than you’re on the right track.  Supporting Friends of Badminton Manitoba means that there will be greater support for little Johnny or Susie to pursue badminton as a hobby, competitive avenue or high performance sport.  No child, teenager, adult or senior whether for recreational or competitive means should be held back from playing the game of badminton.

It also means that there will be greater support for new badminton clubs, developing badminton clubs, drop-in programs, high performance programs, national tournaments, international tournaments and other special events.

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Purposes of “Friends of Badminton Manitoba” Endowment Fund

  1. To support the growth, maintenance, operation and repair of badminton facilities and infrastructure(s) in Manitoba
  2. To support the growth, maintenance and repair of school, club, recreational and provincial badminton teams, including:
    1. Equipment purchases
    2. Training camps which may include guest coaches, strength/conditioning specialists, sport nutritionists, sport psychologists or other sport professionals to improve the quality of the camp
    3. Coach mentorship opportunities
    4. Canada Winter Games Team
  3. Subsidize cost of rental facilities
  4. To support the growth, maintenance and health of badminton programs and special events in Manitoba that is intended to increase participation in the sport. Programs can include programs of such nature:
    1. Drop-In Programs
    2. Clinics
    3. Regional, Provincial, National, International or any tournament sanctioned or hosted by MBA
  5. To subsidize the cost of facility rentals in order to make badminton more accessible for the community of Winnipeg and increase the physical activity in our communities